About us

Güth & Wolf was founded by Konrad Güth und Wilhelm Wolf in 1887 as a tape and webbing weaving enterprise. The company remains in family hands today.

In our three plants in Gütersloh and Friesoythe, we produce over one million meters of inelastic textile narrow fabrics every day from cellulose-based and synthetic fibres.

State-of-the-art technical standards and a leading-edge development department are our guarantee for high-quality, innovative products. Over 300 qualified employees are working every day to satisfy our customers’ wishes.

Quality management

For us, quality means fulfilling customer expectations. Every time.

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important standard for assessing our product quality. The understanding of successful relationships between the customer and supplier is a cornerstone of our policy both toward customers and between the manufacturing departments of our enterprise. 

Our quality management system supports our processes. We can verify the optimum compliance with our standards at all times and implement improvements on the basis of objective metrics and audits. We have also facilities to carry out burning tests.

Our enterprise is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016

Weaving technologies

Weaving means interlacing two thread systems (warp and weft) in a different manner (weave) in order to create technical fabric of high tenacity.

In our weaving mill, we manufacture tapes and tubular webbing in a width of 3 mm up to 600 mm. Apart from the common tapes we produce multilayer fabric as well. We use classic shuttle loom technique or modern needle technique, each offering special qualities.

Braiding means interlacing at least three thread systems. The threads may consist of synthetic and/or natural fibres. Braiding allows the making of flat, round or tubular fabric. Here, the threads are interlaced crosswise whereas on weaving they are interlaced strictly rectangular.

Company video

Main Plant Gütersloh

Plant space: 15,700 m2
Number of employees: 230

Güth & Wolf GmbH
Herzebrocker Str. 1-3
33330 Gütersloh

Branch Plant Gütersloh

Plant space: 7,500 m2  
Number of employees: 30

Güth & Wolf GmbH
Unter den Ulmen 68
33330 Gütersloh

Branch Plant Friesoythe

Plant space: 10,300 m2  
Number of employees: 65

Friesoyther Bandweberei
Güth & Wolf GmbH & Co. KG
Sedelsberger Str. 33
26169 Friesoythe

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